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It is no secret that some people consider a digital camera as an input device while others an output. Yet, another group says it is both. However, we agree with the latter half that the digital camera is a dual device.

A digital camera is both an input and output device. First, as an input device, it takes in light and mechanical energy. The light energy is generated from the environment, while mechanical energy from pressing the snap-button. Similarly, the same camera becomes an output device after processing those energies and enabling us to view the digital images.

Likewise, it also serves a storage device as it stores its outputs. Did you know that hardware that can function as both input and output devices are called Dual Devices? Read through this detailed research to certify our claims and clarify all doubts you may have on this matter.

Is Digital Camera Input Or Output

After reading Camera Users Manuals I found out that the digital camera is both an input and output device. Below are the reasons why.

Digital Camera As An Input Device

Input devices are devices that convert raw information into factual data that a computer can analyze. For example, a hardware device such as a keyboard; converts the tapping you give it to text- based data. It also help you to navigate through the computer.Likewise, a digital camera converts light energy and mechanical energy into computer-readable data.

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Digital Camera As An Output

Output devices are a type of device that processes the input it has received to brings out another form of data. For example, to develop a digitized e-card on a computer screen using graphic details, your final output would its design. The digital camera processes data gotten from the shutter lens.

We would not be so far from the truth if we call the digital camera a mini-computer. It takes in data, analysis them, displays, and stores it. Like a computer, the digital camera has a screen display to navigate through it. After the digital camera analyses the data, you can transfer the output into a computer or save it in the camera.

Digital Camera As Both An I/O Device

A device that takes in and produces data is called a Dual device. In this case, we know that the digital camera takes in light and bring-out digitized images. You can import the processed data into a PC and export it out of the computer. The digital camera converts the information it is exposed to and brings out a result. The analog or older camera models are input devices. It is because you cant not access its output via a computer; its end-products were films.

Now the digitized modern cameras function as both an input and output device. Technology has even taken it a notch higher by allowing it to send its output through a Wi-Fi connection. You do not need to connect using a cord; send the images wirelessly and view them. The digital cameras can also make and send video outputs to your computer. It encompasses both the input and output functions, yet it processes and stores it in an inbuilt or external memory.

A Digital Camera As A Storage

Storage devices are a type of computer hardware that saves and can be used to import or export data. You can use it for temporary activities or long-term use. Also, they are of two kinds, inbuilt storage or internal and detachable memory or external. The storage device can be called a storage medium. The digitized camera functions as external memory storage when connected to a computer. It means that you can import or export data to it.

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Using the correct settings, you can send the output from your camera into the computer. You can further analyze the pictures or images by editing them. You can resize, change the color and add or remove data from the image. The computer can send out the edited copy as another form of output. You can further send it to other devices or back to the camera.

What Are The Input And Output Of A Digital Camera?

The input of a digital camera is light and mechanical energy while the output is the digitized media.

Input- Light Energy

Light is the primary reason we can view anything around us. It permeates and reflects objects, thereby illuminating them.The phenomenon explained above is the exact one the digital camera imitates. It copies how our eyes work with light. Film cameras as well use light but cannot produce the output as computer-readable data.

Light permeates the optical lens and enables the sensors. The mechanical energy inputted on the camera is another input to note. You press the snap-button either manually on the camera or via a blue tooth remote.

Output-Digitized Media

The picture is the output from the digital camera. You can edit and resize them on the camera or transferred to a computer. Digitized pictures can in turn become an input to a printer when you set it to print. People may argue that external storage is also an input device. But in this case, the camera acts primarily as a camera before a storage device. In situations where you use electrical remotes to take the pictures, we can also add them to the input.

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Is Webcams Input Or Output

Webcams are another type of camera but function only as an input device. It is because it is only involved in making a video or image but cannot process it.Moreover, the device is not stand-alone hardware. They are either added as an external device to function with a computer or are part of a computer.

How are webcam input devices?

The webcam videos are computer accumulated single image shots taken continuously and instantly. The program running the webcam processes individual image shots, and it takes the photos at a fast rate causing the images to look like a video. If you slowed down the video, you could observe it frame by frame.

Many webcams would catch an image frame now and then, perhaps every minute or even every hour. The webcam is an input device because it receives optical input, converts it with the help of a computer, and feeds it to its software to process.

Is the webcam an input ,output or storage?

We can further argue that a device is called an input, output or storage device, depending on how you observe things. For example, the webcam images can be an output device, but the signals are input because you connect the webcam device to a computer. Yet, the webcam doesn’t save, therefore; it is not a storage device.

So you see, it is relative yet controversial. People can say that the webcam signals can only be readable by a computer when talking from a broader perspective. It means you have to connect and feed its data into a PC. Hence, the webcam is undoubtedly an input device as it takes in and cannot process without assistance.

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Is A Printer Input Or Output?

The printer is inarguably an output device because it processes software to produce a hard copy. It can also be called a tangible-copy. Printers are detachable yet external devices that function when connected to the display device. Output devices are any computerized hardware that can analyze and output data in tangible form. It can be seen and heard by humans, for example, speakers and printers.

How does The Printer function As An Output Device?

Data imported from the computer are sent by you to the printer to print. It can include text or images, or other forms of media. Remember we said devices that input data into the computer are input devices. But if it brings out information from the computer, it is output; the printer brings out data.

The printer has two types, the laser, and the ink-jet printer. They are both output devices. The laser printer is a pricey type of printer. The output from this is of premium quality, but the computer feeds it like every other printer. Printer manufacturers make both colored and black/white ink-jet types of printers. They are an affordable variant of the printer. These type of printers are also output devices.

Can A Printer Be Both An Input and Output Device?

While giving room for arguments, some people will argue that a printer is both an input and output device. The printer receives its job description from the computer to provide an output. Yet, it sends back information to the computer about ink or other error in its setup.

Computers input their information using a mouse or/and keyboard; you tap the keys and click on them. The keyboard permits the input of text-based data while the mouse points and selects all its information. On the other hand, computer output devices includes the printer, speakers, and monitors.

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It is fair to mention that many will reject this claim since it requires assistance to act as an input device.


We discussed in-depth that a digital camera is an input device, output device, and storage medium. We concluded that we would refer to it as a storage dual-device because it can efficiently act in all three capacities. However, the webcam and older camera models can be considered only as input devices. Printers, on the other hand as fully considered output devices.


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